the art of Carel de Beer

Becoming an artist - The journey of One Love
Carel de Beer is an artist based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. His work is characterised by the impactful use of bold colours and strong lines, where the essence of beauty is captured in a minimalistic way.

“Devolution gets rid of the complexity of evolution. When you look at my art, it’s less about what or who it is - more about what it represents and the feeling evoked in the observer - much like a zen garden.”

Inspired from an early age by Bushmen rock paintings, Eastern art and Post Impressionism, his style offers the viewer an idealised perspective, where only the essential remains. “Love is the magic ingredient. Whether you’re cooking or painting, it will always be better than what gets done through pure repetition.”

Growing up with an artistic mother and the encouragement of his primary school teacher, Carel quickly developed a technique that was completely his own. “I painted because I loved it. Books and people provided knowledge, where with art I had to sit and work through it, figure it out and trust the process.”

His distinctive style is equally prevalent in a graphic design career spanning over 25 years, with his passion for storytelling inspiring his work as a documentary filmmaker.

Enhancing fluidity in form, while transcending the obvious or expected, has seen Carel de Beer’s absorptive paintings included in many group exhibitions. His first solo exhibition was in July 2001 at the Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch.
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A painting by the artist's mother.
"One of my earliest memories is staring at this painting, trying to understand how my mother had done it and imagining the story it told."

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An adaptation of a Bushman rock painting done for a school art project at age 14.

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More recently Carel started to use the digital medium for painting also. This work is of the artist's father reading a book.